Scene One Theatre Arts Student Uniform

Scene one teach dance, drama and singing in a fun, exciting, enthusiastic and modern way but never shying from the classical styles! Yes even their 3 year olds are quoting Shakespeare and the likes. As well as teaching these skills to a professional level they also encourage students to believe in themselves and develop the life skills and confidence to pursue their ambitions whatever they may be. Every student that joins Scene one is an important member of the extended family, they thrive on bringing young people together in a vibrant and joyous community to explore the magical world of performance. Much of the work Scene one does also crosses into the curriculum for excellence too. 

Jen chooses young, inspiring and highly professionally trained teachers for the school, who encourage creativity and interaction with children and adults to develop social awareness, confidence and unveil the student's full artistic potential. The tutors are handpicked and have worked, and are still working out there in the profession. Jen believes that you have to have worked in the business to teach it! All of this is nothing though without some sort of finale so every year Scene one stage two fully costumed and professionally technical performances. They also have an incredible awards ceremony which is a chance for the tutors, parents and students to come together, recognise and celebrate various highlights and breakthroughs throughout the year. Scene one has branched out this year and now offers ballet and drama bebés (baby ballet and drama classes for little ones age 6 months- 3years), Musical theatre training for young people age 3-16 and adult drama/ musical theatre exercise classes.

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